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Cooking and Food

  • 木下ゆうか Yuka Kinoshita A Japanese girl eating and talking about Japanese food. Many videos have English subtitles.
  • Cooking with Dog Cooking how-to videos with a canine mascot.
  • JunsKitchen A Japanese guy cooking Japanese food and describing his recipes in English.
  • Ochikeron A Japanese girl cooking mostly Japanese food. She talks about her recipes in English, but the video are hard-subbed.
  • Runnyrunny999 A Japanese guy cooking mostly Japanese food. Some of the published recipes are in response to video requests from fans from all over the world. He speaks in English, but the video are usually hard-subbed in Japanese.

Let’s Play - male voice

Let’s Play - female voice

Makeup and Beauty

Foreigners living in Japan

Without talking

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I like to watch this 24-hour streaming channel for news listening practice: JapaNews24 ~ 海外へ日本のニュースをLIVE配信

That reminds me of how great QVC is.

Oh man Cooking with Dog is so great, but it hit me right in the feels to know Francis has passed on. RIP Francis!

Have been looking for YouTube stuff that’s either more topical or on the self-help/self-improvement wavelength, and somehow stumbled upon フェルミの研究, which ranges between “life lessons” and episodes that appear to be educational bits (or tongue in cheek depending on your perspective) about what life is like for people suffering from things like Tourette’s or Autism spectrum issues.

Topically, I’m not quite sure what I think of it yet, but it’s all relatively everyday Japanese, and most of it gets written down in the manga panels that the author creates for the video, so it’s a good learning resource.


I added links for the two Koohii discussion threads linked in the original wiki page. Will probably go through the other wiki pages here and see if any others need them too.

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Added a couple of let’s play channels that I watch a lot.

I added some food channels that I like to watch when I want to learn to cook Japanese food.

I added 4 more channels in Foreigners living in Japan section and then I sorted the entries alphabetically.

inliving is really helpful listening practice for basic, every day vocabulary. She speaks slowly and clearly and talks about the simplest of things such as introducing you to her kitchen, talking about her morning routine, etc.

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Recently I’ve been working through Hanae Natsuki’s Let’s Play channel. He’s an anime voice actor and he often has other voice actors participate and they do hilarious ad-libbed narrations of their game play. And there are usually subtitles.
I noticed that a lot of Japanese Youtubers put subtitles in their videos for some reason. Another person who does it (and who also I really like) is Emirin, although in her case maybe it kind of makes sense…

It’s to mimic the style of Japanese TV, I think? Most variety are generously subtitled.

Added Comical Reina’s channel. Lately I’ve been wanting to look for more inspirational language learning content in Japanese, and she’s great! I love her tips on improving speaking ability. She might speak kind of fast if you’re not advanced enough though.

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I just gave it a shot and I really like this channel. I can brush up my English while listening to Japanese, how cool is that :smiley: And she’s really fun to listen to. Thanks for the suggestion!

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I’ve found a cool channel, トリさんといっしょ, where a girl comments news of the day in live.


No problem! Glad you liked it too! Yeah, I find her really speaking style really engaging! I mostly watch the stuff on her English Learning Tips playlist. Her playlist with casual conversations is good too for random listening practice.

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My wife’s gotten me into watching Ryuuji, who drinks his way through cooking some pretty cool (and simple) meals. His recipe for Sapporo Ichiban made with sake is pretty killer. Pretty easy to follow Japanese for N2 and above and can probably be tackled starting at N3.

Also, おめがシスターズ is great in a What The Hell Am I Watching And Why Can’t I Stop Way. Their Amabie episode had me rolling.