WWII Military Kanji Translations

Hello new forum! Sad to hear the other one did not work out…but so glad to hear a solution was found! I read a bit about financial contributions to the forum, I must admit I was not aware that there was a standing request for that. Is that the case on this forum also, is there a topic/thread to which I could be directed?

It seemed that quite a few folks on the previous forum (and the one before that) enjoyed my posting for translations of WWII items…I hope it will be the same case here.

I came across a canvas-type carrier with shoulder strap that I would like to see if someone would take a look at for translation. It may be a case for some type of optic, and if so would like to know for what type of gun or armament. I can see the first two characters, and maybe the third, as “92 Type”…is that correct? The rest is beyond the characters that I can just recognize.

Thanks for looking!image

Yes, you’re right about the first 3 characters. The whole thing is
which is some kind of scope for measuring angles at a distance (not sure what the technical term is: 望遠 is ‘seeing-at-a-distance’, 測角機 is ‘goniometer’ and 眼鏡 is ‘glasses/scope’).

This site has a few pictures of the instrument that would have been inside the case.

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Excellent! And thank you for the link, that is very helpful to see the actual optic. I had wondered if it had any direct relation to a machine gun but it appears to be a stand-alone optic. Although it could have been used in conjunction with a “machine gun team” I suppose, it looks like it mounted on an independent stand/tripod versus directly to a gun.
Many thanks!

I did a bit more googling, and it looks like the usual English translation is “Type 92 Surveying Telescope” or “Type 92 Angle Measurement Monocular”. This page has some photos from somebody who managed to find one with the tripod.

Ahhh, yes, very helpful indeed. I guess that settles it, thanks!

Here is another item…I’m told this is an ammunition box. The markings are quite faint, not sure how much can be discerned. Really hoping there is info on caliber and possibly what weapon(s) it may be for…

I can’t quite make out the last two characters on the first line, but the rest of it is 昭和十八年 “18th year of the Shouwa era”. I’m assuming it was the date of manufacture.

The second line is “25mm machine gun” 二十五粍機銃

The third line looks like 着発信管一型, which would be “impact fuse type one”
At the bottom left is 八十個, “80 pieces”

So this box contained explosive rounds in 25mm, maybe for a Type 96 AA gun (EDIT: the possibility of use in Type 96 is my own conjecture, not from the box).

Found this website when I looked up the specific round. Looks interesting, but in Japanese, figured I’d post it. It does say that this round was used in the Type 96, though:

Wow, it was so faint I wasn’t sure if anything was quite legible, very impressive. Once again, many thanks! The links are always helpful, too.

I found an image of a similar box with slightly differently faded writing, and based on that I think the two characters you couldn’t read under 昭和十八年 must be the month, which for our box I reckon is 六月, ie June, so the full date would be June 1943.


Oh, does your box have anything written bottom left (out of shot in that photo)? The one in this twitter post has the manufacturing location (豊川海軍工廠, Toyokawa Naval Shipyard) written there.

Thanks for the info. It looks like that area is even more faded, but here it is…

Oof, yeah, that’s pretty unreadable. I can just about convince myself I can see the four characters for ‘naval shipyard’ because I know they must be there, but nothing beyond that. (Wikipedia thinks the shipyards that produced machine gun ammunition were 豊川・多賀城・高座・鈴鹿 – but none of those seem obviously to fit better than the others.)

Ok, no sweat. That’s more than enough info to let me know what it actually held. Many thanks.

Here’s a new one…
I can see “100 Type” I think, after that I don’t know. Just looking to see what might have been in this wood box based on this tag…


It seems to be a swivel gun made by Osaka Metal Works ㏍ (which is now part of Daikin Industries).

Wow, very interesting. I must say I didn’t expect that. Thank you very much for the info!

More precisely, I think it’s the box for the swivel mount for the gun, not for the gun itself. Manufactured in January of Showa 18 == 1943. I found a page that said that this type-100 swivel mount was the mount for the ホ1 20mm gun. Apparently the swivel had to be hand-cranked so it was determined to be somwhat lacking in practicality.

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Ok, that makes sense. Thanks for the follow-up.

Good day everyone! I have a new one here. It’s just a single character, so I don’t know if it is a regular word or some type of maker’s mark. The character is on a trench mirror from the war, allowing the user to see out of a trench or foxhole type situation, or even around corners. Please take a look and share your thoughts…

「技」 means technique