Wiki Porting (OLD: Forum text width)

[EDIT(2/27): Figured since this is mostly discussing wiki, no reason to make a new thread. ]

Not sure if this is a nit that needs picking at the moment, but the text field for forum posts here is only 106 characters to a line (it’s 128 over at Koohii, for comparison). It makes things look a bit cramped, since all the action is happening in a relatively tiny space (about half of the screen, for me, viewing at 120% in Firefox).

Mobile fits to width, no matter the orientation, which is very nice.

I’ll poke around to see if it’s configurable. I didn’t see anything off hand that let me control it in the admin UI.

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By the way, if there’s anything specific you want done, tested, or moved over, just shout. I’ve been looking around, but Discourse seems to be working pretty well right out the box.

Yes I’m really impressed so far. And glad I don’t have to admin the back end :smile:

Re: porting over - I’d like to discuss what we do about the Wiki articles. A post can be marked as a Wiki, which I think will make it sticky. The question is, do we want to create a “Wiki” category? Or just mark posts as Wiki posts under the most relevant category (resources, RTK, etc.)?

I’m leaning toward the latter but not sure how that will look UI- wise.

I’m not really sure what the difference would be, so I’m going to look for some examples of Wiki pages in Discourse.

I don’t quite understand if posts marked as Wiki will be separated from other posts or if a new category would be needed. As a user, If someone recommended me to the Wiki, I imagine I’d want to click ‘Wiki’ and look through one or more lists of articles, based on topic, to find the one I’m interested in.

Maybe it’d be easiest to decide by setting it up one way and seeing what it looks like? Now is the easiest time to change things, after all, before things start getting posted.

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I agree - I was thinking the same thing on the way home. Let’s experiment and see what it looks like, and then we can make a call.

I’ll make a sub-group in Staff called Trashpile that we can use to experiment with things.

I played with this a bit. Marking a post as a Wiki does nothing to its display - it simply makes a post editable by the user base, as opposed to making it the property of a single user. So we would probably want to make a dedicated Wiki group.

The alternative would be to stand up an entire Wiki server. I don’t know that I have the time for that, nor the desire to spend the extra $ on hosting.

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Just a Wiki group should be enough, I think. No reason to incur extra costs like that for an extra server (though I’m willing to throw a couple bucks at the server to help you keep it running).

Thanks for the hard work!

Makes sense to me. I took another swipe at it:

We can create sub-cats for Wiki as we evolve what content we want to pull over. I can give you category creation ability if you wanted to start porting over some material.

Appreciate the offer to help! Let’s focus on keeping this core account running. You can chip in through the Unseen Japan Patreon if ye so desire.

Chips are in. Five big ones.

I’ll start looking at the wiki stuff, but might not get to moving anything until tomorrow; it’s about 2245 at the moment.

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You’re a saint - thank you!! That definitely helps take the sting out. The price tag on Discourse is a bit of a wallop, but I think well worth it for what we get in return.

Take your time. Fabrice gave us three months, so I think we can work gradually on moving over some of the best wiki content - and maybe even convincing some maintainers of excellent threads to bring their stuff over. I’ll try and do some of that this weekend with my threads, like my podcast thread, and will re-hydrate my learning log here as well.

As far as wiki porting goes, I’m going to start transferring articles based on my own sense of priority (can’t think of a better way). All I’m doing right now is whole-sale copy-paste while removing links to Koohii forum and wiki; replacing forum links with passable alternatives where I can, labeling as needing reference when I can’t.

Some things might get combined if they’re thematically linked.

Trusted users can edit wiki pages, so when I inevitably do a hack job on your favorite article, you can fix it; make it better than before, even.

That’s about it; back to work for me :ant: :ant: :ant:

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Sholum, thanks for all the work to date!

FYI, we have explicit permission from Fabrice to port the Wiki materials over. I think it will be much easier to maintain them as part of the forum going forward.

I’ll be out of pocket nearly all weekend; it’s my wedding anniversary, and we’re going to Vancouver on Saturday. I’ll try and get some porting work done myself sometime next week.

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Thanks for the heads up! I was a little worried about starting before getting the okay from Fabrice (I would have undone it if he asked, of course), so I’m relieved.

Sorry for going silent the past couple of days. I was finally over the flu I caught last week, but now I’ve developed a sinus infection (I feel like I took a left hook right on the cheek…) and just ended up in one of those moods. I’ve comforted myself by binge-watching anime and dank memes though, so I’ll be back at it this weekend.

Congrats on the anniversary! I’ve never been to Canada, but I’ve been told British Columbia is a lovely place to visit. Enjoy!

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Ugh, the flu’s the worst :expressionless: Take care of yourself first! The forum will still be here :slight_smile:

I feel better having Fabrice’s sign-off as well - it’s why I was holding off on doing anything. I think this will be a good home for the content. Like Fabrice said, Wiki tech is somewhat dated, and particularly hasn’t kept up on the anti-spam front. Between the leveling system and Akismet integration, Discourse has a really good system for controlling against spam.