Update - Search Traffic, Social Media, and Back to Business!

Hi all,

I apologize for being AWOL lately. I took an extended break during my trip to Japan in October. I was then slammed with the Red Cross controversy. Our Twitter grew explosively during the past month (over 3.5K followers!!), and managing that’s taken most of my time. Things are settling again, so I’ll be posting some more forum updates over the next few weeks. This includes re-focusing on my poor, neglected study log.

I’ve also been working on resolving a pretty big issue for the forum and my site in general. I realized a month or so ago that Unseenjapan.com had been flagged by Google SafeSearch. This meant none of our content (including forum posts) was discoverable by people who had SafeSearch active, which is most Google users. It took over a month to figure it out, but I finally got Google to process a reconsideration request, and our site is now visible when SafeSearch is enabled. I expect this will greatly help people find the forum, and I anticipate we may start picking up new members as a result.

Lastly, I haven’t been advertising the forum much on social media, but I intend to start linking out really good topics as well as people’s study log updates. Our Twitter account topped 10,000 followers recently, so I hope this also drives more forum traffic and discussion.

Thanks to everyone for sticking around and continuing to post while I’ve been working on building out search traffic and social media. I look forward to your continued participation!

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