Text of different colors

Is it possible to use other colors beside black in posts’ text?

Note that if you do, it might not be readable for people using different forum themes.

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It’s not supported, although there is a Discourse plugin that adds this capability. More info here.

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Discourse Hosted limits the plugins you can use. This isn’t one of the ones that’s supported.

What’s the scenario for colored text?

Nothing important to be honest!
I was thinking about starting a translation practice log (similar to this one by JoshEli) and I wanted to use color for certain words in order to help me whan I try to traslate back to Japanese.
But thinking about it I’m too lazy to embark myself on this task!

Something I used to use coloured text for on the old site was to mark out when I was posting with my moderator hat on (intervening in an argument, editing a post or a thread title, etc). Maybe there’s some other convention we could use for that if we don’t have colours, but they were handy for drawing attention and being obviously not just another post.


I do hope there is an actual hat.

Anyway, in my opinion it’s quite important when moderators add text to other users’ post that the alien text be visually distinct. I’d prefer ALL CAPS BOLD SHOUTING to ambiguity.

Fortunately we haven’t needed moderation! But @Splatted’s comment was helpful, maybe like the following, minus the blockquote.

LEADER NOTE: I like sunshine.

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