Tadoku Feedback & Ideas

This topic is where you can request new features on the platform, provide feedback, or want to discuss things in general about the contest.

Features already in the backlog:

  • Set a reading goal for a round
  • Add additional languages for a round you’ve already signed up for
  • Set timezone for your profile and show all graphs/dates in that timezone
  • Page calculator for ebooks
  • Page counter to keep track of pages while you’re reading
  • Yearly/overal rankings
  • Cumulative pages read in reading activity graph
  • iOS app
  • Twitter announcements of new contests
  • Discord announcements of new contests
  • Email reminders
  • Password reset when you’ve forgotten your password
  • Passwordless signin
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I wonder if we could add some variety to the contests:

  • Specific media only. You could run the normal contest and use a filter/etc to show the alternative contest.

  • I wonder how you could implement something like a “book of the contest”. Then link back to the forum for discussion of the book.

Maybe a “completed” button next to submit pages. Might be able to track “books/manga/games completed” alongside pages.

I like the Yearly/overall rankings idea. I wonder if you could gameify things a bit like Smashrun does for running: you get badges depending on what you’ve done. e.g. read 100 pages, read 3 days in a row, read for a week in a row, etc.