Study Log: breaddono (Mika)

After months of lurking, it’s time to start my own study log.

A Bit of Background
Middle school: vaguely learned a bit of the sentence structure from ~the internet~
High school: after senior year spent a year in Osaka as an exchange student, studied intensely for hours every day, went from hiragana to 500 kanji
College: spent the first 4 years studying only bits and pieces here and there, then fifth year tested into the final class of Japanese. Graduated as a Japanese major six months ago. Thanks, America ^^’
January-July 2019: Found Heisig’s RTK, currently 1,200(ish) kanji in. 80% through Shinkanzen N3, hoping to finish by the end of the month.

Current Goals

  1. Pass the N2 test
  2. Get to a level where I can read novels without my brain hurting

Current Situation
I just moved to a tiny village in the mountains of Hokkaido to teach English and study. I recently went from a 40hr/wk fast-food job, living with my partner and spending most of my time with him… to ~30hr/week teaching English and living alone, so I’m suddenly faced with a LOT of free time. I guess I’m just gonna study my brains out now! Heck yeah immersion!

Study Routine - August 2019
-Heisig’s RTK: 10 new 字 per day (30 min)
-Shinkanzen N3: mine as many sentences from the vocab book as possible per day (1-2 hrs)
-NHK TV: watch whatever sparks my interest during dinner (30 mins-1hr)
どうぶつの森: talk to whatever villagers I walk by and make sure to read every word Isabelle graces me with (30 mins)
-Manga: 山と食欲と私 - just picked this up recently. Idk, the title just speaks to me. Also I just found out with Japanese Amazon Prime you get unlimited reading of a whole bunch of material, including manga, for 500円/month?? Am I just really late to this party? (30 mins-whatever I feel like)

Total: 3-5 hours/day, including stuff that probably shouldn’t count but immersion is studying right?


Do you have access to BS channels (or TV at all; I could understand if you didn’t want to pay the license)? If so, I enjoy the 放送大学 channels; most of the lectures I’ve watched on there have actually been fairly well done, and enjoyable (if you’re a nerd like me).

I also dig period dramas. They’re Japan’s version of old-western tv shows (not so much the movies); cheesy, but fun.

Just in case you wanted random suggestions.

Yeah, Amazon Japan has some really good deals. Most of the magazines do too (a lot even have free access to the latest chapters and only charge for backlogs). There are quite a few vendors that have older tankoubon on sale for 1円 + shipping.


Ooh awesome! Yeah I have a basic NHK subscription, which pretty much just consists of the eight channels or whatever that comes in my area. I’ve been enjoying those a lot in the evenings when I don’t want to bother reading anything!

I’ll check out the tankoubon for sure, thank you! :smiley: Always down for random suggestions.

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