Should we allow audio uploads? - RESOLVED

We just had a question in the “what’s this word or phrase” thread which was interestingly different from the usual because it was about something the poster had heard in audio rather than read somewhere. The forum doesn’t currently permit audio attachments, so they had to upload to dropbox and post a link, which is a bit awkward.

Is it worth maybe allowing some audio file types to be uploaded as attachments to posts? Or is this a rare case and it’s not too bad if people have to find an upload site if they want to post an audio snippet?


I caught that thread, and hadn’t had time to look into it. I think we should allow it, at least for users of Trust Level 1 or above. We’re nowhere near our space quota, and can afford the hit of the occasional audio upload. Let me look into it.

I’ve enabled *.mp3, *.wav and *.wmv uploads. Let me know if you experience any issues.