Self-Promotion Rules

Any forum has to deal with people who visit, not to function as members of the community, but simply to promote their own products. On this forum, please note the following rules regarding self-promotion:

  • All members in good standing of Trust Level 1 or higher can promote non-profit projects such as language learning tools, flash card decks, etc. Please note that such projects must use legally sourced materials. (Projects that rely on users to source their own materials, like flash card generators, are fine.)
  • For profit projects can only be promoted by users of Trust Level 3 or higher. This is a very high bar that requires 100 days of active participation, and a degree of trust from the rest of the community.
  • If you wish to help support the community by advertising a for-profit project, you may contact @Nandemonai privately.

Violators of this guideline will receive a single warning, and the offending post will be replaced with an administrative warning visible to the community. A second violation will result in a ban.

Thanks for your cooperation. Let me know if you have any questions.

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