Reading and Vocabulary Learning

I’m curious about what others on this forum do about learning new words they encounter when reading a Japanese novel.

As I read a novel and look up words, the electronic dictionary I uses allows me to save the words in a list.

However, I still have never, on completing the novel, drilled myself on the list of words using Anki or whatever.

I find though that a lot of the words I look up don’t “stick” and I end up looking them up again.

Does anyone here actively drill themselves on the words they had to look up while reading? Or what other strategies do they use?

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I’m not quite at novel level yet, but my current strategy for the things I’m reading: If I’m word-hunting, I’ll take a short text and add words to Anki right away as I go through it. Otherwise, I add nothing most of the time. Adding words from the beginning of a story seems to help with the rest of it.

I put the original context sentence on the back of the card and read it every time. For me, that helps the word stick a lot better than an “example sentence”, because I have the memory of the wider context that it fits into. If you’re reading paper books or something like that where you have to look up in a separate dictionary though, that would be tedious.

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I put all the new words I see into anki, whether it’s from my kindle or from a dictionary. I keep every new word suspended until I see it again somewhere, and then I move it into the learning queue. However, I already do anki every day, so it’s not something special I do for novels as I read along or after.

I haven’t started reading novels yet, but I do use Anki to reinforce the words I come across. I do look up words as I’m reading, and I make a make a list in my notebook of the word and what page it was on for later reference (I don’t always look up the meaning at this stage unless it’s needed to have a basic understanding of the text).
When I done reading for the day then I will go through my list and start looking up the meanings. If the word is more common, I add it to my anki deck with the original sentence for context and a picture to help me connect it all. I do limit the number of new words to put in anki per day, so I don’t get overwhelmed (I am for 8-10 words a day). But if there are more important words from that reading session, I can always come back the next day since I kept a list of the words I don’t know. I hope this helps!

I have Yomichan (browser plugin) set up to connect to Anki, so if I look up a word on on my computer, I can send it directly to my Anki vocab deck. If I look up the word using “imiwa?” on my smartphone, it is in my history. Every few weeks I scroll through my history and use yomichan to add some of the words to anki (usually if they’re common)

I’m using Yomichan too, and since (as I said above) I like to keep the original context sentence, I’d rather add vocab from things I can read in the web browser. If I was reading a web novel, that would work :slight_smile: