Nohika's (new) study log

Let’s see if I can actually get back into this…

It’s been a heck of a few years. I, an American, met a British boy online and am now getting ready to move to the UK for good at the beginning of November (and get married…eep!). I’m currently unemployed/self-employed but not working, and anxiety over the move doesn’t help, so when I was twiddling my thumbs I was like hey, why not go back to studying the language I love. So, here I am.

I’m back at using the core deck, currently 30 new cards a day, might up it to 50 for a week or so, planning to do the first 2-3k. It’s sorted in the optimized format, so we’ll see. Doing Japanese The Manga Way as a refresher (a deck I created), and also currently using a DoXJG deck I edited to include comprehensive grammar explanations, etc. Going through the Basic cards atm, 5 or so a day depending if I’m overwhelmed or not (I hand-picked which example sentences to use from each section, am not using all of them, etc). I also have a deck of grammar in isolation that I’ll probably turn to in a month or two once I start getting familiar enough with grammar points that I’m relying too much on context and less on memorization.

Thinking of going Anki hardcore for a couple weeks as a distraction, but we’ll see. I know immersion is a thing, but right now I’m living with my abusive family (had to move back because of covid/finances) so immersion isn’t really something I can do. Even headphones are difficult because of my PTSD. So, if immersion is done, it’ll probably be through video games that they can’t see/judge me for.

So…I hope all of you are doing well, especially those who were my koohii buddies. Take care, all. :slight_smile: