No dark theme anymore?

I’ve been lurking for a week or so and had the interface setup to be a dark theme. When I logged in today it went back to the white theme and I don’t see the option in the preferences. Was it removed? Or am i having browser issues?

LOL, sorry - I had no idea people were using theme switching :laughing: I likely disabled it when I was experimenting with adding the Brand Header.

Let me re-enable now. Try again in about 15 minutes and let me know?

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:smiley: perfect, thanks!

Okay, this should work now. The forum logo text disappears when you switch to Light theme, because the text is currently white. I’ll work later on seeing if I can switch in a more theme-appropriate logo for the Light theme.

I also added the Hamburger Theme Selector, which means that you can now switch between themes easily in the accordion drop-down (Discourse calls this the “hamburger menu”):


Oh, and I also discovered I could switch my UI lang to Japanese, so - thanks for that!!

Yep, looks like it works again. thank you!

@Bokusenou — Can you generate a new kanji graphic for your avatar? Your current one looks weird in dark mode, because it uses PNG transparency.

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Got it! Will do. I grabbed the original image from my profile on the archived version of the Koohii site, but it should be easy to recreate.

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