New Web Site about Life in Japan

I’ve started a new web site that focuses on daily life in Japan. It’s called Japan Everyday. Find it at

I moved to Japan about a year ago. Obviously, there are a lot of things that need to be relearned when moving to a new country, especially for essential daily tasks. People who grew up here have an entire lifetime of traditions, events, figures of speech, and ways of interacting that are all new to me, and to most people who move here. I created the site primarily to help foreigners discover daily routines and expectations that Japanese citizens naturally know.

The site is really, really new, as in there are just two articles posted so far. But I hope to add a few articles each week covering daily life in Japan, the language, and cultural literacy. Let me know if there’s something you would like to see discussed on the site and I’ll look into adding it.

Great site!

I just started using an RSS reader for the first time since Google Reader departed. Your feed was the first one I added.

Thank you!

This forum originally was attached to the Remembering the Kanji study site called “Kanji Koohii.” Some on this forum may have used that web site in the past. I posted a new article that introduces it. Here’s the link:

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