Moving between JLPT levels in half a year?

Hello! I hope the JLPT went well for all you who took it! I was signed up to take the N2 in Portland, but happened to wake up vomiting at 1 am on the day of the test, so I guess that’s postponed for now. :sob:
So, I don’t know how easy the actual test would be for me, but I did ok on the N2 practice tests, so I am thinking of aiming for the N1 this July. Is that way too optimistic? I estimate would be able to study 45 min-1 hour per day…

Hi germs, what a great username for this particular post. I hope you are feeling better.

In my opinion you would not be able to prepare adequately for N1 in the time you are saying you have. Compared to N2 I do not find the N1 material to be particularly difficult, but its scope is vast and a lot of it didn’t truly solidify for me without a lot of context (e.g. reading native materials, listening to native materials). I think you could cover everything superficially in seven months, but you would not know the material to an adequate level.

I also wonder about your current level. Have you taken any JLPT levels before? When you say you did okay on N2 practice tests, what practice tests do you mean, and what do you mean by “ok”? Some practice tests are better gauges than others. For example, if you are referring to the official JLPT practice test, the general consensus is that it is easy compared to what candidates have encountered at recent sittings.

That’s your two cents from an internet stranger. In the end, if it were me I would probably study for N1, and then when registration time rolls around, drop back to N2 if N1 seems out of reach. There is no impact unless you urgently need the certification for a job or something. Better to enjoy the ride.

Speaking of registration, what test location are you considering for a July sitting? You will want to keep an eye on the registration window. In Europe, for example, the registration window opens and closes much earlier relative to the test date than in the US.


Haha, maybe I jinxed myself using this username on this forum.
Yeah, based on your posts about studying for the N1, I figured it was a bit of a long shot from where I am right now.
I’ll do what you suggest and pretend that I’m studying for the N1 to give myself a sense of productive urgency up to July, then assess where I am at.
I don’t technically need it the N1 qualification for a job, but I would like it so I might qualify for more jobs.
Thanks for the tip about the registration windows. I’ll keep alert!

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