More login options coming shortly (UPDATE: Done!)

FYI - the site is currently configured for email and Patreon account based login. I’ll try and grab some time tonight to add the config to permit Google, Twitter and Facebook account login as wel.

Cool! Exciting to see new forums.

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Awesome - welcome!! Thanks for coming over to the new space.

I’ve enabled multiple login options. Users can now log in via Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, Patreon, or via email.

Hi, I’m Iuri_ from the koohii forums, thanks for creating this new forum. Although, like in the koohii forums, I’ll probably not be a regular member, it will be good to have a place to go to when I want to discuss things Japanese.

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Welcome, luri! I went ahead and bumped up your level so you’re no longer moderated. Glad to have you here.

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Great- thanks again!

Thank you! I’m glad I could join.