Looking for a replacement for weblio.jp

Apparently weblio.jp recently changed their source of definitions and they no longer provide the information about pitch accent. I liked it because I could easily include accent in my anki cards while copying the definition but can’t do that anymore so I wonder if anyone knows a good alternative that would make it possible for me not to change my habits?

edit: apparently it was changed due to 三省堂 closing their service: https://www.sanseido-publ.co.jp/sp/wbdct_close.html

There are pitch accent dictionaries:

But besides those, you’re probably better off using EPWING dictionaries…

I used that specific part of weblio.jp for my cards, and I was sad to see that change, too! For me, I remembered that I have that same dictionary in EPWING format. Since I have yomichan, I put the word I’m looking up into any text area of Chrome and use yomichan, then copy the Daijirin definition, with pitch accent, from there. I realize this probably won’t work for you, so I hope you find a way!

Yeah, the whole point of it was having everything on one page. Accent dictionaries wouldn’t really work because that’s twice as much work. I can’t be bothered to open another window just to get this information.

I use Yomichan with the dictionaries shared by Matt and Yoga https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5oxdPY9eH48

The files seem to still be available. I don’t know if it has anki intergration but you can copy and paste from the pop-up.

Edit: To be clearer. You can consolidate an accent dictionary and regular dictionary to both display with a single click, and I believe 三省堂 is one of the dictionaries available.

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Thanks for the link! Yeah, fortunately they have the 三省堂 dictionary there too so it’s great for me :smiley: 助かった!