Let's Tadoku (or something like it)?

So I know the official tadoku thing sort of crashed and burned and no one has replaced it, but anyone up for like…an unofficial version? Using a spreadsheet or something…

I really miss tadoku because I liked the ‘competition’ and reading a lot really helped me move forward more. And I know a lot of you like tadoku too! So I was wondering if anyone wanted to put something together - I’m not a programmer unfortunately otherwise I would try to put the twitter thing back together.


I’d love to restart Tadoku!
I remember someone saying that they were going to set up a new one somehow, but I haven’t heard any updates on that.

I don’t think coding it on its own site would be difficult, but then we’d need someone to host it.
Pretty sure Twitter changed things in a way that broke the previous bot (and frankly, I was never a big fan of doing it on Twitter to begin with). I’d rather not rely on a third-party service for the core function of the tracker.

[cloud gazing] Maybe if we made a local application that pulled and pushed data to a database that was distributed p2p we could minimize hosting costs… [/ cloud gazing]

Anyway, I probably don’t know what I’m talking about. I do want a new incarnation of Tadoku, though.

What about doing something like a mini fundraiser? Like we’ve done for Fabrice before. If we could figure out hosting costs and whatnot we could theoretically put the money together.

That doesn’t quite take care of the coding or anything but it would be a start.

Don’t worry about fundraising for hosting fees. There are providers with no-cost tiers that can handle 多読。

I can probably do it sometime in the next few weeks.


Could someone explain what exactly Tadoku ist?:sweat_smile: I haven’t heard of it before.


It was a foreign language reading contest that was running for several years using a Twitter bot. Every other month, more or less, a bunch of people would record their reading for the contest and drive themselves to read a lot, either to beat their previous score or to beat that person that always managed to one-up them.
Wholesome competition. Good motivation. 100% nerd activity. It’s much missed.

By the way, Tadoku is 多読 which means extensive reading.


Would you guys want to keep the same type of structure? (Every other month, or half months, or…)

I think it would be awesome to do it each month but it makes it less of like…a competition, in a way, and easier to be like ‘eh, I’ll just not do much this month and do better next month’ whereas it being more ‘limited’ makes it easier to take it more seriously.

Theoretically. Psychology~

Right. Let’s use the website to track our reading anytime. Every other fortnight is a designated contest period, i.e. two weeks on then two weeks off.

I think it would be worth having a couple month-long contests, too? It’s easier to make up for life throwing curveballs that way.

I personally liked the month on, month off model, but if we’re tracking all the time then maybe we could have official contests and support group contests (you and your five buddies could join a private contest or something)? Don’t know how much work that would add to it.

It sounds really cool. Would probably be helpful for pushing yourself to read a lot more. I also saw online in some other forums that people were doing sort of book clubs, where they chose a book they would read over a span of time and help each other where they are stuck. Might also be interesting in conjunction with this.

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I liked the structure the old Tadoku site used:

Round 1: Jan 1st – 31st
Round 1.5: Mar 15th – 31st
Round 2: May 1st – 31st
Round 2.5: Jul 15th – 31st
Round 3: Sept 1st – 30th
Round 3.5: Nov 15th – 30th

That has a nice mix of short and long contests, and with gaps between them so the competition period is well-defined. I think if it was just ‘on all the time’ it wouldn’t feel like a contest so much, and it would be psychologically easier to just drop out and stop doing it. With an every-other-month structure, even if you’ve been neglecting reading the reminders about a new tadoku round encourage getting back into it.


I was never at a high enough level to participate when Tadoku was still running, so now that I’m starting to get into manga I’d love to take part.

I agree that running it too often might make it seem more like a chore than a fun contest. My vote is we stick to the original Tadoku schedule at first, then adjust as necessary.

I think it would be useful to track reading year-round, but only host a proper tadoku during the contest periods?

Although that may end up being like, two different things…

I’ve been working on a new version of tadoku the past few months, it should be ready for a test run in the middle of next month. The backend for it is quite stable and should be good to go for running the contest, all that’s left over is wrapping up the frontend.

I’ve got something up at https://tadoku.app, but as you can see there’s still a lot of work to do. This weekend I’ll work on getting the remaining features done (such as registering for a round). The old domain is in the progress of being transferred to me at the moment, that one will be redirecting to https://tadoku.app.

If you’re interested in helping out you can check out the code at https://github.com/tadoku or join us on our discord at https://discord.gg/Dd8t9WB

Scheduling wise (for the actual contests) I haven’t decided on anything yet. it’s a tricky problem that when held too frequently, people won’t commit. Too infrequent and people lose interest…


I agree with @pm215 on the old schedule - I think that’s a great mix.

@nandemonai - thanks for the great work!! Once we kick off again, I’d be happy to promote on Twitter. Maybe we can get some fresh faces into the mix from the JP translation community.

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The idea for something to track reading all the time isn’t bad either though. Bookmeter works but it’s kind of a hassle to add a lot of volumes or books to. I used to use the manga list on https://myanimelist.net/ to track what manga I read because it was less hassle.

Something more generic than that with social features could really do wonders for keeping motivation up. Maybe just tracking pages by a few categories like tadoku and then you can add an optional description to what you read. (edit: or tags like anki)


Definitely something I’d like to consider once we have Tadoku up and running again.

There’s also stuff I’d like to add such as your native language(s) and proficiency level of your foreign languages on your profile. Logging what exactly that you read sounds like a good idea to me too. We could potentially create lists of material people could read at different levels.

I’d really like this to be a group thing rather than just me building whatever I think is a great idea. I’ll need feedback from everyone on how to improve things and make this into something that really motivates people to spend time with their target language.

Thanks Nandemonai. I’m afraid I don’t have any coding skills so I’m not sure there’s anything I can really contribute.

In terms of frequency I’d be happy with the old schedule but would honestly prefer if it was less frequent. As it is it seems more about making sure there’s never that long between contests, but that means for me at least it’s a given that I’m not going to participate in most of them and even when I do it’s halfheartedly. Tbh once a year might be best.

I would find once a year way too infrequent, personally. It’s never going to be possible to find a schedule that works for everybody. You could maybe pick one of the contests and bill it as the annual Grand Tadoku so people who only wanted to do one a year had one more significant one to aim at.