Koohii2Anki - Full Kanji Koohii to Anki Migration

This is a collection of scripts and some add-ons for migrating stories, flashcards and progress from Kanji Koohii to Anki. Koohii2Anki includes an Anki Deck with all* the information you could ever need for studying Kanji with RTK.

When I began my journey through Japanese, I was eager to go and jumped straight into RTK and KK. After completing RTK1, I began studying with Anki. My world was shook. It was so much better; plugins, card styling, better failed card handling, portability, configurable SRS, offline capabilities, FOSS. I decided that switching from KK to Anki was to be my next step.

With Koohii Forums closing down on 2019, we also got reminded that the Kanji Koohii site depends on a man and a few contributors. If someday the site gets nuked, all the reviewing system and personal progress will be deleted too.

I’ve designed a nice card format for increased reviewing pleasure using AnkiDroid Card Preview and a tutorial to get you up to speed if you haven’t used Anki yet.

  • No heisig stories included due to copyright issues. You’ll have to purchase the book for those.