Kanji Ryokucha - the Kanji Koohii client app

Setting up this thread to discuss the app (either platform) and make announcements. The app lets you do the Kanji Koohii reviews on a native interface with the ability to draw the kanji on the screen.

The Android app
The iOS app

I haven’t made any announcements in a while! The news is that I have plans to revamp the Android app and make it look and work a lot like the iOS counterpart. The Android app is older and rustier. And since I’ve never been comfortable doing Android native development, I’m taking this chance to learn Flutter. This technology can build for either platform from the same single code base, but in principle I won’t be replacing the iOS app.

It will take time! But the ball started rolling already. Any Flutter enthusiasts who would like to contribute? Just let me know.

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I had no idea about this app! I had previously been using the Remembering The Kanji app but it doesn’t take into account any of my specific progress.

Thanks so much, using it on iOS and it is brilliant.

@yoonbi glad you like it, feel free to rate and review in the store :wink:

The future Android app is moving forward. I just got to the point where I can draw a kanji :slight_smile:
Already looking a lot like the iOS app. There’s still a lot more to do!


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Really simple request: I know you can open Safari from a kanji in the study view, but it would be nice to just be able to jump to the study page too. When I run out of cards I manually swap apps and open the page, so a link would be nice!

Thanks for the feedback. So what you’re saying is to just add a link to kanji.koohii.com?

Yeah, just somewhere on the study page. Maybe only when the user has no cards left in the “study” pile.

Some more:

  • It would be cool to have a grid when reviewing (to help with handwriting… mine sucks!)
  • Option to do the free reviews in “reverse mode” like on the RevTK website.
  • Show the card’s story on the study view / or on the back of flashcards (as a reminder, not to edit or add stories).

OK, thanks for the suggestions… don’t expect new features in the near future because I’m currently focused on developing the new Android app! Eventually I’ll get back to see what I can add.
As for the stories, they are not provided by the Koohii API so there’s no way to show them in the app.

Ah, no wonder. That seemed like a strange omission!

Mmm… I thought Flutter was like React-Native (one codebase for both platforms). Ah, I read the OP wrong.

Just had a quick look at Dart. Not sure it’s the language for me. Seeing the var keyword scares me, I really don’t get on with mutation :smile:

Yes, Flutter is like React, one codebase for both platforms. But I made the iOS app a few years ago and in principle I won’t replace it with the new one because I’m not sure it will have ALL existing features and whether I can get it to the current level of stability. We’ll see eventually. What I really don’t like is Android native development.

Dart is not that bad. Use the final keyword for immutables. My complaints so far:

  • Lack of associated values for enums
  • Lack of value type objects (“data class” / “struct”)
  • Lack of proper optionals, though it does support optional chaining and the “??” operator, it’s like everything is an implicitly unwrapped optional (in Swift terms) where you can avoid NPEs without lots of if’s

Also Flutter is somewhat boilerplate-y. But I really really like the unidirectional state flow, it’s the first time I use that and it feels like it’s how it should have always been.

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About 90% done :smiley:
Let me share some screenshots. Feel free to suggest improvements in the UX design… that is not my expertise!

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Hi porukkusu,

Thank you for your awesome work. I am using your application for learning Kanji. I would like to contribute on your application. Could share with me your repository?

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Hi dunghd!
The project is almost done. Do you think you can help with background fetch and notifications in Flutter – in principle for Android? I have implemented the feature but I’ve not yet seen a notification fired in my test device, which is rather old and can’t be upgraded beyond KitKat.
The idea is the app would do a background fetch and if notifications are enabled within the app it would get the orange pile count for the current user, and if it’s different than the latest saved count, it should do a local notification and save the new count.
I have used the BLoC pattern extensively with the help of this library: https://felangel.github.io/bloc/

Edit: let me know if you have a github account so I can add you as collaborator

Can anybody beta test the new Android app?
I can upload the apk somewhere. My device is old, I would like to have feedback on how it works on modern devices!

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LMK if you want to upload it here - I can give you upload privileges to store the file on our server.

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Here’s the file:

This may help for instructions on installing an APK on a device:

Anyone giving it a try please leave your comments! Thanks!

Any feedback on the new app? Is it better than the current one?

Did you manage to finish the Android App?

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Tried the Slideme version but wasn’t too sure on using that. Prefer it was from the app store.

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