Kaku - Floating Japanese Dictionary for Android (OCR)

Kaku is a fast, powerful Japanese dictionary that stays on top of all your apps. It uses optical character recognition (OCR) technology to recognize kanji on the device screen for you (rather than the slowww tedious process of looking up individual characters manually), making it perfect for Japanese learners who want to study by reading raw manga, play untranslated games, and so on without the hassle of switching apps.

If you ever used KanjiTomo, this is the Android equivalent. Kaku is also the closest you can get to Rikaikun/Yomichan on Android in all apps.


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Does it work with standard text too? I mean, where I select the text with the default selection tool, without any need to use the drag & drop rectangle?
Thank you in advance.

Yes it does. Check out the demo video on the website where I use it at the end.


I’ve been using Kaku for a while, I like the app but there are some real bummers to me, like the giant white box that pops-up to kill all the melanin of my retinas. Since there’s no contact info anywhere, should I understand that you’re not interested in feedback or requests? I’ve been refraining from commenting on the youtube videos or here, since I think it wouldn’t be appropriated (or noticed).

Hey, thanks for reaching out. I do actually look at feedback and keep an eye on the threads I post - I didn’t realize the lack of a contact page would deter suggestions though.

I also never really felt like it was a biggg problem since most games are pretty bright and manga is all white haha. What are you reading?

I’m not currently working on a dark mode right now, but I have gotten requests for it in the past. Feel free to add an issue to the project’s GitHub so that I can keep better track of it: https://github.com/0xbad1d3a5/Kaku