Japanese subtitles for Japanese films

Non-native English speaker here, so tread carefully :slight_smile:
Hi, I’m new to this forum. I’m looking for a site for Japanese subtitles of live action movies.
I’m looking for the subtitles for ‘still walking’ (aruitemo aruitemo) by kore-eda. I’ve searched everywhere including assrt.net (shooter.cn resurrection) and chi_jap releases (dual subtitles), but couldn’t find one. Does anyone know of a site where I can find them ? Or where should I ask for them (which forum) .

I’m a fan of Kore-eda and have been able to find Japanese subtitles for all of his popular works, including shoplifters (2018), but I’m having a hard luck with this.

In the previous koohii forum there was a thread about Japanese subtitles : https://forum.koohii.com/thread-3730.html
and the subtitles for this particular film was there (‘even if you walk and walk’ another name of the film). If anyone has made an archive of it, I would be very grateful for that.

And a proposal to everyone : Why not make a Japanese subtitle repository, as they are extremely hard to find; I’ve got quite a few subtitles from here and there and I wanna share them with everyone.

EDIT: Here are the all subtitles I’ve accumulated till now : https://mega.nz/#F!PWximSqR!ZXw92BLbZPgQmZ0WLgof1A

There are total 26 subs (including still walking). I’m very very busy with my uni exams right now, so I couldn’t make a list. May I requerst @xiewu to upload all the subs somewhere; it would be a great resource for learners as these are very hard to find. I would appreciate soft subs for ‘umimachi diaries’ and ‘soshite chichi ni naru/like father like son’; I do have the subs but they are hard subs; soft subs make life much easier :smile:

@metalosaurio the okuribito subs are there in the mega folder, you can take a look !

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I used to go a lot to asian dvd club to find good movies with Japanese subtitles. They had quite a bit of movies with Japanese subtitles because the uploads were mostly full dvd. Unfortunately the website is currently down, but it seems to be temporarily. I did download 歩いても歩いても from them and ripped the Japanese and English subtitles (.idx). Here’s a link, hope it works: https://anonfile.com/05d31cgenf/_2008_zip

If anyone has Japanese subs for Honnouji Hotel, Umimachi Diary and Let’s Go Jets, I’d love to have them.

I don’t have the soft subs for ‘umimachi diary’; but I did find a Chinese and Japanese dual sub release. Google for ’ our little sister chi_jap 百度网盘’ (百度网盘= pan baidu)

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You are live saver ! Can I ask you other subtitles when I need ?! Pm me your email.

This is the name of the release : 海街日记.Umimachi.Diary.Chi_Jap.BDrip.720p-ZhuixinFan

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It’s better if you pm me here. I may only have subtitles from these two lists:

If you need anything from there tell me and I’ll see if I have them.

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Japanese and English for Umimachi Diary: https://anonfile.com/a0X488gbn6/_diary_2015_zip

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Could I bother you with the おくりびと subs? :smiley:

Also, while not the most comprehensive resource, there’s this website.


I’m currently setting up a proyect to watch most of Kurosawa’s films, checked this website, and to my luck there were about 25 of his movies there!! :star_struck::star_struck:

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I just stumbled upon this movie in avistaz, here are the subs

I didn’t check if I ripped the correct file but here it is https://anonfile.com/4e94r6kfnc/okuribito_zip

I just did a search in avistaz filtering by Japanese audio and Japanese subtitles and it’s giving 1074 results (many are duplicates)


You’re able to grab the subtiltes from viki, just google for viki subtile download there are a few sites that will do this for you. You can also dowload the video on the same sites.

Couldn’t find the former one but there is a 50 gb+ torrent for the later one on asiancinema which do have internal Japanese subtitles but I can’t download that large of a file.

Avistaz has a number of torrents with native language subtitles but often those have large file sizes, which are difficult for me to download at the moment. Especially for something that I will just end up extracting the subtitles from then replacing with a smaller size file.

I had some success downloading subtitles from Netflix JP with Chrome extensions (Tampermonkey > Netflix - subtitle downloader, and Subadub). But since I’m not in Japan I needed to use a VPN to access it, and since I’m cheap I was using the free SoftEther VPNs. But it started getting picked up by my anti-virus software so I ended up deleting it. It’d rarely connect well enough to actually watch something, but I could get some subtitles for things I’d seen more like Suicide Club.

I went and signed up for ExpressVPN to try it out. It doesn’t seem to work for Korean Netflix (I started dabbling with Korean a few months ago), but it works well for the Japanese site.

I have mainly been looking at what’s available, although I wish the site would just show a list of everything in a category. Instead I keep seeing stuff that wasn’t there before.

Anyway, I have been download subtitles for stuff I could find with closed captions in Japanese. I focused mainly on Japanese films (largely live action but also some animated ones, as well as a few anime OVAs). Since Kitsunekko probably has all the anime ones I wanted to mainly look for live action. Currently there’s 297 subtitles which I’ve uploaded here:


Netflix used to have 帝都物語, but it’s not there now. I would have liked the subtitles for that if they were there.

Thanks that’s huge !

Does anybody has Japanese subtitles for 万引き家族 :’( I’ve been looking for it on Baidu but it doesn’t look like there is a Chi_Jap version which I can find. Either hard-coded or separated subtitle file would be great.

Much thanks!!

Someone posted ja-lang subs for ~1000 items in this Github repository.

Doesn’t have any specific titles previously requested in this thread, though.

Hey, that’s great, exactly what I am looking for I guess. :slight_smile: there a way for you to copy paste a translated version (english or romanji) of these titles or a list of the Japanese movies available on Netflix? Trying to find, if I can find one these movies without netflix, in order to practice. But, I am still not good at reading kanji…

I guess my request asks for too much time…

@Caroline This Netflix search site might help:

The link is set to show a list of Netflix movies with original Japanese audio. There are other similar sites around if you search for them. Don’t know how reliable they are, since I don’t have Netflix, but they seem pretty comprehensive at first glance. You can tinker with the results and get really granular, but I don’t know what kinds of movies you like so I left it as is. You can click the “more details” button to change the results criteria.

I don’t know if this is too late, but here’s subtitles for 万引き家族 downloaded from Netflix:


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