Japanese Language Learning Websites


  • The Japanese Page Japanese lessons starting from the very basics all the way on to the advanced levels.
  • RhinoSpike RhinoSpike is an online community tool where international users post text in a target language in order to have its native speakers read it aloud and share the audio. Has freemium features
  • Memrise Memrise is an online SRS platform
  • Livemocha The one made in 2017, not the one bought by Rosetta Stone
  • Kanji Damage Mnemonic method similar to Heisig’s but which includes readings (on-yomi) in the stories.
  • How to Learn Any Language A website with an extensive forum devoted to learning various languages. Popularized the Iversen Method of learning vocabulary words.
  • Learn Japanese Pod A podcast of Japanese lessons with Alex, an English guy who has been living in Japan long-term, and Ami, a native Japanese speaker who is fluent in several languages and is also a professional radio announcer. Episodes cover topics with extensive conversation examples. Upper beginner to lower intermediate level.


  • Japanese Level Up (Jalup) A free language-learning blog with a paid program (iPhone & Android) that can take you from from the start to fluent. It is focused on an SRS system that teaches you one new piece of information per flashcard n+1. It emphasizes moving to J-J definitions early on to keep your mind interested and deepen your understanding of Japanese. Covers kana, kanji, grammar, and vocabulary. Very active founder constantly adding updates, small company, great small community.

  • iKnow! A paid language-learning website whose system is focused on teaching vocabulary by means of flashcards, dictation, and choosing the correct answer. There’s no emphasis grammar, which has to be learned separately. It offers official courses in Japanese, Chinese, and SAT English. A previous and free incarnation of the website, Smart.fm, is the source of the vocab, sentences and audio for the Core 6k Anki deck.

  • Skritter SRS-based system in which you learn the Chinese and Japanese characters by writing them. While not strictly necessary, it works better if you have a tablet or phone with a stylus.

  • Read the Kanji “Read The Kanji is a web based application designed to help those studying Japanese to learn kanji reading patterns through context. In other words, it helps you learn to read kanji by asking you to read actual Japanese sentences and type in the correct answer (no multiple choice).” Some beginner level content is available for free.

  • LingQ A system that integrates vocabulary study and reading by highlighting words that you’ve labelled; meant to help approach language via comprehensible input. Very limited free system available. Free applications with similar systems: Learning with Texts, Foreign Language Text Reader

  • JapanesePod101 Podcast style lessons. This guy has a good review and tips for use

  • BunPro Subscription-based grammar SRS. Each grammar point features 12 cloze-delete style sentences of increasing difficulty. Clozes feature previously-learned grammar as they increase in difficulty. Grammar points can be sorted by JLPT level and by textbook.

  • FluentU A website for learning languages by using short videos from the web (YouTube, commercials, news, etc.) categorized by levels, with interactive subtitles and translations. The languages provided are Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, French, English and German.

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