iPhone Applications


The iPhone OS has built-in keyboards for Japanese, Romaji and Ten Key. There is also the Chinese - Traditional Handwriting keyboard that can be of limited use to input Kanji. These IMEs can be activated from the Settings -> General -> Keyboard tab.


See also Comparison of iPhone Edict software

  • Imiwa? - free - (Formerly Kotoba!) Japanese to English (and others). Conjugates verbs and adjectives. Ability to save words to bookmarks. Contains example sentences from the Kotoba! project. Ability to search for Kanji by pronunciation, SKIP code, radicals, JLPT levels. Includes stroke order display of Kanji.
  • WordWeb - free - An English to English only dictionary, but an excellent one. Useful for defining the sometimes complicated RTK keywords in greater detail.
  • Japanese - cost - Breaks down sentences partially. Can do conjugated words. Marking, stroke order, so on. Very handy. One useful feature of Japanese is that you can cut and paste an entire list into an email. Everything you look up can be cut and paste into Anki. It’s like Rikaichan on the go.
  • Wisdom - cost - E-J, J-E. Medium-size dictionary.
  • Daijisen - cost - J-J
  • 大辞林 Daijirin - cost - J-J
  • Jishop - cost - Kanji. Similar approach to Halpern’s dictionaries (but more kanji & less examples). Has had several updates and is now much better than when first released.
  • Midori (Japanese Dictionary) - cost - Allows you to look up words by typing/radicals/handwriting, plus there’s an option for parsing a pasted text. You can bookmark studied words, assign them to different lists and later on email to your account.
  • EBPocket Free / EBPocket Professional - free/cost- EPWING dictionary reader


  • AnkiMobile Flashcards - $24.99 - iPhone version of Anki. Syncs with the desktop/online version. Most basic functionality is included from the desktop version.
  • KanaSwirl - $2.99 - a game to learn or review the kana with stats and pronunciations
  • KanjiSwirl - $2.99 - a game to learn or review kanji with stats, like KanaSwirl


  • Wakaru - “Wakaru is a web browser and Ebook reader with built-in multi-language dictionaries”

  • iBunkoS - cost - An ebook reader for Aozora Bunko-formatted text files.



  • Remembering the Kanji - “Remembering the Kanji” (Official flashcard and review app for the Heisig method) is a kanji learning App to complement the bestselling kanji books “Remembering the Kanji” (Volumes I & II), by Dr. James W. Heisig.
  • StickyStudy - cost - Slick interface, huge sentence database, stroke orders, dropbox support and more
  • Kanji - cost - Cheap, basic but effective, very easy to make your own lists

Sentence/Vocab learning


  • Secret of Mana (聖剣の伝説2) - ? - has recently been released in the App Store and plays in both languages. You can even switch the languages in the games option screen while playing.


  • Twitter - free - (I tweet in Japanese, sometimes, lol.) - I photograph my writing and post it up using twitter (easy upload, no hassles)
  • Cinch - ? -(audio upload on the go) - I post my audio to twitter then Lang8 so this is useful.
  • Stanza - free - for reading PDFs
  • Good Reader - ? - for reading PDFs (i.e., Manga, books)

Links to Koohii forum threads

I don’t have an iPhone so I don’t know if these apps still work, or if there’s been any changes in the iPhone’s Japanese functionality since this wiki article was originally written. iPhone/iOS device owners, feel free to add and change things if they are out of date, or let me know and I’ll add any changes for you.

There are at least three different versions of 大辞林 on the iOS App Store.

I recommend the ものかきどう Dictionaries app which offers 大辞林 as an in-app purchase. That app has great content from multiple publishers, notably ウィズダム (which was mentioned above) and 漢辞海 and 新明解国語辞典。

Other apps worth noting:

  • AnkiMobile for iOS is well-implemented
  • JiShop has good data but a poor user interface
  • Kanji Ryokucha is great for Kanji Koohii fans
  • Tsurukame is great for WaniKani fans

Besides those, I’m not really impressed by the quality of apps I’ve seen, and I’ve tried many of them.