I'm tired of making srs cards! [clickbait title]

Is anyone acquainted with JavaScript, node.js and its modules?
I’ve a sqlite db of my EPWING dictionaries (thanks to FooSoft and his data exporter!) and I would like to use it with Anki in order to show definitions on my vocabs deck.

Considering that Anki supports JavaScript, would it be possible?
I know there’s a module called sqlite3 for node.js but as I understand it, it needs to be used as a server? Would this solution work for Anki desktop (windows)? And what about AnkiDroid?

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Anki uses a web view, so almost anything that works in a web browser should work in Anki on all platforms. However, JavaScript seems like overkill unless you really need interactivity for some reason. It would be easier to add a field named something like Dictionary Data and loading HTML into that. Then, add it to your card template.

It sounds like what you want is an Anki desktop plugin that populates this data for your Japanese notes by looking up vocab terms in your personal EPWING SQLite database, then adds that to your notes. You could then sync to AnkiWeb and use it on your mobile device.

Have you thought about this addon: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1655992655?
It might do what you’re talking about, but not through the db…

Thank you both fkb9g and L-Chiki.
I know I can import defnitions directly inside my notes, but I would like to avoid that and instead show definitions dinamically when I review, through an external database.
Do you think that’s possible?
It seems easy enough through node.js but I’m unsure about Android because I never did that before!