I can't find this kanji in any dictionary

I came across a kanji in my reading which is used in a person’s name. It’s pronounced “kan”. It looks like the character “腱” except instead of moon (月) it has cow (牛).

I guess if this character is only used in someone’s name I don’t actually need to look it up but I’m just curious as to what it means. Can someone please help? Thanks.

Here: 犍
I found this page about it.

Why it means “fabulous monster”, I don’t know…

EDIT: According to this page one of the readings is きんきりうし, which when I looked that up, lead me to this page, which leads me to think it might refer to a castrated bull.

It’s in 大漢和辞典 volume 7.

Thanks guys!

I wonder if a typical, university-educated Japanese person would be familiar with this character off the top of their head. It seems like the author liked using obscure characters.

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I checked some more references. 「犍」 is used in some Buddhist terms (an object 犍稚, a personal name 目犍連帝須, a horse’s name 犍陟駒, a place name 犍陀羅) transliterated from Sansrkit or Pali. It’s also a name of a dynasty of Korean kings 犍吉支 and a place name 犍為 in Sichuan province, China. The Chinese word 犍牛 means bullock.

I assume you’re reading fiction. I agree that 「犍」 seems obscure. Maybe the author meant to reference an old Buddhist story, or maybe it’s implied that the so-named character lacks testicular fortitude.