Free Japanese Resources/Materials

Learning Japanese w/ Free & Cheap Materials: Study Guide & Big List

A giant list of free Japanese resources/materials compiled by user jishera. Categories include:

  • “Best Bang for Your Buck” Books (these aren’t free, but the rest of the list is)
  • Essential Resources (includes links to even more lists of free resources)
  • Beginners: Before You Start (Read these before you do anything else!)
  • Hiragana/Katakana
  • Grammar
  • Vocab
  • Kanji
  • Reading Practice (includes Japanese articles and stories for beginners that are similar to the Japanese graded reader series)
  • Audio/Listening Practice
  • Communicate

Essential Resources

A list of Japanese resources, most of them free, compiled by user dingomick and with contributions from other users. Includes:

  • Dictionaries
  • Grammar
  • Graph paper
  • Flashcards software
  • Guides
  • JLPT
  • Links many Japanese-related forums