Forum Tip: Hide a Category and Its Topics

Let’s say there’s a set of topics on this forum you don’t care about. E.g., you may be here just for language learning logs, and not care about the Japan related posts. Or you may not care about Japanese tests like the JLPT or KanKen.

It’s easy for you as an individual user to hide a Category. This will hide the category on the Categories page, and will also exclude any posts from the category from showing up in the Latest view (the default view).

To exclude a category:

  1. Navigate to the category.

  2. Click the icon in the right corner. It will appear as a circle or as an exclamation circle depending on your current category settings.

  1. Click this icon and select the value Muted.


Everyone except outright admins can mute categories.

To un-mute a post, go to your Settings (gear icon in the upper right hand drop down menu where your picture icon is) and select Notifications -> Categories. You can see a list of your muted topics on this page.

I was able to successfully mute a sub-category by navigating to it and then opening the Watching/Tracking/Normal/Muted menu. It lives above the top-right corner of the listing table.

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Ohhhh even better! I’ll modify the instructions.

I’ll also make these Forum Tips topics wiki pages so they can be edited by others.