Forum dead?

The forum looks absolutely dead. What happened? Where has everyone gone?

Most users seem to have moved on to other kinds of communities like Discord. I’m personally also no completely sure if it makes much sense to keep the forum around at this point.

I killed the forum by not posting my study log for 2 months! Haven’t really been studying though…

Seriously though, forums inevitably fizzle out without a strong source of users. It seems Tadoku is nowhere near as good at this as Kanji Koohii was. Kanji Koohii probably has more users in total and is also designed to keep them coming back every day.

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Forums in general aren’t doing too hot nowadays either. I’m personally leaning towards shutting down the forum and moving all interaction to Discord.

Would there be anyone interested in taking over the forum?

Looks like not much is happening on Discord either. Though if that’s more focussed on Tadoku itself, I guess it’ll have bursts.

Koohii had lots of in-depth discussion about strategies for learning Japanese (with participation heavily weighted towards people who like RTK). I think many of us would have liked to reproduce that but it didn’t take off.

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I think the main problems with forums nowadays is that everything that can be said has already been said. Most forum activity nowadays (in forums that are still active) is just self-indulgence, posturing and pure nonsense. All questions have been asked, all possible answers have been given. Until some brand new groundbreaking product or concept comes into the market (eg something completely revolutionary, post-Heisig, for kanji learning), there is nothing more to say.

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Activity tends to be higher during active rounds, but honestly speaking our server has never been super active. A lot of Tadoku related conversations happen in other immersion language learning communities.

What are these good Discord channels I keep hearing about? The ones I’ve seen are not for serious learners.

The Refold Japanese and TheMoeWay Discord servers are pretty good when it comes to Japanese immersion learning discussions (though I haven’t participated much in there lately as I no longer have the need for it). The server also has a pretty active thread about Tadoku that’s active during official rounds.

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It’s not true that forums in general aren’t doing well. Forums that provide useful information to users e.g. about upcoming product releases are alive and kicking like this one:

You’ll always be able to find exceptions, but it’s quite undeniable that a lot of forums users have moved on to other platforms like Reddit. 10-20 years ago forums were a lot more prevalent and I was also a daily user. I’m also seeing fewer search results from forums nowadays (although this very much depends on what you’re searching for, e.g programming related searches still often end up on StackOverflow).

Nowadays forums need to put in a lot more time in order to attract members and keep the community going. They need to have some kind of value proposition that sets them apart from other platforms that might be more familiar to users.

When it comes to this forum; I don’t have the motivation and time to put towards it becoming more vibrant and active. I was hoping the existing user base could keep it going but that turned out to not be the case. If there’s no need for a forum like this one in this day and age I might as well shut it down and lower the operating costs of the website.