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The Kanji Koohii forum helped me discover many useful apps and tools, such as MorphMan, nazeka, and Kanji Ryokucha. Back there they were grouped under Learning Resources. Maybe we’ll need a similar category to keep things organized here.


Agreed - that’s a great idea.

Are you interested in moderating again? If so I can promote you.

Sure, I accept. I’m still learning how to be a good moderator, but hopefully we won’t need expert-level conflict resolution skills here for a while.


Done. With great power blah blah blah…

I added a Learning Resources cat, and also started grouping categories together, so we can add a larger number of Japanese language cats without flooding the main Categories list.

I’m going to look later to see if I can control the display order for categories so that the two main categories float to the top.

@fkb9g - I went ahead and reorganized the categories, and tried to make the categories page itself pretty-ish.

What does everyone think about the sub-categories under Japanese Language? Do we need more?

I hate to answer with a question, but do these common types of threads have a home?

  • JLPT group threads
  • Other test/contest threads (i.e. J-CAT or Tadoku(RIP))
  • Translation requests (or “I got this tattoo while I was drunk, please tell me it doesn’t say something stupid”)

I don’t see where those would fit, at the moment; maybe missing one or two categories. What do y’all think?

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I could definitely see a Category for Testing, and another for Working in Japan. The latter I can put under the Unseen Japan group, which I can just rename “Japan”.

Translation requests could just be a pinned thread - that’s how it’s handled in Koohii.

Where would conversations about language contests fall under? I’m currently working on a new version of Tadoku and it would be nice if there was still a place to talk about the contest.

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We can make it a topic under the general Japanese category. Posts don’t have to go into a sub-category - it’s just a convenient way to bucket the more common types of posts.

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Bumping back to the top of the page…

I suggest revising the category colors. There are three blue categories right now.

Good point - I’ll work on that this weekend.

This is done - all categories now have their own color.

I also deleted News Feed Comments, which was a topic for our articles from AFP. I’m now just putting them into Discussion to help generate comments on them.