Fkb9g's log

I got a 漢字辞典 for 小学生 (this one) and I’m enjoying reading the ち。

I’ve read equivalent material in English, so the なりたち is semi-comprehensible for me, and I’m finding it easy to pick up words I don’t know.


This is probably a stupid question, but is 成り立ち the etymology of a word? The origin of a 字? That feels like it could be fun to read.

The dictionary definition of なりたち encompasses origin, history, formation, and/or structure. In this case, for kanji.

Here are some entries. You can click them to see the full size images.


For fans of this material, the なりたち portion of the 漢字ペディア entry for 香 is a bit more interesting and unexpected:


These explanations are more difficult. There aren’t pictures of the seal script forms, and the content is taken from 角川新字源 which is intended for older readers.