Edvinas_Volkovas Study Log

After years of not-so systematic approach to Japanese, I have decided to use this platform to structure it more properly to make sure I know what to do and how to follow up.


Started to be interested in Japanese early on, mostly because of anime and Yu-Gi-Oh. Later on I found out J-Rock and got into bands like ナイトメア or GazettE, something I listen to to this day.

As someone who inspires to become a diplomat, as well as a properly functioning polyglot, I have decided to make Japanese my sole “far from my native” tongue that I want to be good at. Hopefully Lithuanian, Russian, Polish, English, German, French and Japanese will be enough in my life and I will prioritize them.


  1. Finish RTK. So far I am down 200 in RTK sequence and know quite a few from my earlier attempts to study Japanese, so should take around 4-5 weeks to be comfortable. I combine Kanji Koohii, RTK Book and Kanji Study app for Android together

  2. Build the vocabulary. I played around with Anki, but found that I prefer to control my own study time. I found a Core6k Deck on Memrise with example sentences, so will go through that.

Alongside, I will finish Tae Kim Grammar Book to know where to put all of my new learned words (likely will read it before building the vocab)

  1. Chatting. I have a few friends in Japan, so will do my best to talk/chat with them as much as possible and ask them to correct me.

  2. Music. Will do this regardless, but will try to listen for what is being sung and occasionally translate the songs and sing along to develop pronunciation, vocabulary and confidence

  3. Speak, read, write, learn, chat, speak, read, write, learn, chat…