Anki experimental V2 scheduler

Has anyone been using the Anki experimental V2 scheduler? It has to be manually enabled in the preferences on the desktop app.

I wanted to try some of the ideas about using Anki that ja-dark (nest0r) left us, such as Anki Void Low-Key Anki, so this item in particular looked relevant:

Filtered decks no longer reset (re)learning cards when they are built or emptied, and reviews and learning cards will show up in the correct queue instead of the new queue.

I set up a new profile in Anki yesterday and studied some cards in a filtered deck with the experimental V2 scheduler enabled. I rebuilt the deck today and went into the original deck to check how the cards were affected. Some of the due dates are a few days from now, and others show as December 2026!

I think there was some reason I didn’t want to use it.

I got around the issue of resetting (re)learning cards by using inverse filtered decks, i.e. create a filter for the cards not to be studied at the moment, then study the remaining cards in their original deck.

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