Active listening practice

I want to use the software that metalosaurio suggested in another thread to increase my active listening practice.

I want to point out that I do a lot of daily listening but I do it merely to enjoy what I’m listening, without any “study” purpose. For example if I hear an unknown word usually I don’t stop to check it in a dictionary. If I don’t understand a sentence I don’t rewind to listen again.

What I mean here is active listening practice in a deliberate and focused way.

My question is: do you do any of this and how much time do you devote to it daily? Usually how long is the audio you use as a target practice?
For example: “I listen to 30 min. long audio, and it requires me 1 hour to get through it.”

Thank you in advance!

I recently do the exact same thing you described. I write about it in my study log too, if you are interested. I haven’t been doing it for too long yet, but I feel it is a very good way to improve one’s listening.

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That’s exactly what I wanted to know!

Is it the one with Nishino Nanase? I was thinking about watching it xD

Btw I like that song a lot, I listen to a lot of covers of it xD

Back on topic. You mentioned you do Anki cards. What do you do when you don’t understand a word, then you turn on your subtitles and you realize that you already have that word in Anki?

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Yes, apparently it’s her. Although I wasn’t familiar with her until watching 電影少女 at all :smiley: The show is really cool but it seems that there are some references to the 92 OVA (or rather original manga, perhaps) which might seem a bit weird if you hadn’t watched/read it.

If I don’t understand a word that I already studied then it’s usually because of the way they say it so I don’t think there’s anything I should do with the word itself. Or either I studied it at some point but not have it in my Anki decks for some reason and haven’t reviewed it in a long while - in that case I would make a new card with it.

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