A sketch drawing app?

What’s a good free software for drawing sketchs?
I’m using this in order to make fast drawings to put in front of my production cards. Surprisingly I find it faster than trying to find images on Google. I like this because even if I draw with a mouse the lines end up being smooth. I wonder however if there are better alternatives in this respect, especially for off-line use (windows).
Thank you all in advance

Krita, maybe? I haven’t used it, but it seems pretty good from the website, and it’s open source so it’s fully free. There’s also Paint.NET, but it’s more of a graphics editor than a drawing program.

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Thank you Bokusenou!
I’m trying Krita and it looks perfect!
Do you know if I can make the line change its thickness according on the drawing speed? And to make it smaller and pointy at the two ends?

No problem! Also, I’m not sure how to edit the brushes because I haven’t used Krita before (I use Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop instead), but maybe it’s in the brush settings somewhere? Don’t know.
It looks like they have a support forum you could try.

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