2019 Easy Native Material Thread

This is just a continuation of my thread on Koohii: https://forum.koohii.com/thread-15471.html

I hope the people who I’ve been studying with for years there wind up joining this new site.

Here are my March stats.

Kanji: 844 (mature today) - 817 (mature February) = +27
Vocab: 6,342 (mature today) - 6,318 (mature February) = +24

Kanji: 817 (mature today) - 793 (mature January) = +24
Vocab: 6,318 (mature today) - 6,223 (mature January) = +95

Mature Kanji today: 793
Mature Vocab today: 6,223

A very low number of new cards this month. I attribute that to adding so many last month that I kept on having a ton of reviews (so I didn’t add many new cards). As a reminder, I started reading Hagane a few months ago, which resulted in a ton of new cards. The series just has a ton of new vocab for me. I still have 22 unseen cards in Anki, and I fully expect to get through them this month.

In fact, I already started reading some new pages in the series. But, overall, things are kinda hold until I get through that anki backlog. And I’m trying to do it without having more than 100 reviews a day.


Been working my way through the Graded Readers, currently on Level 2. I’ve had them for a while but haven’t had much chance to read them until now. They’re starting to feel a little on the easy side, but I don’t want to waste them by not reading.

Level 3 is waiting on the shelf for when I’m done.

Yay! I was so happy to see this again. I’m behind on everything (including life) but I think I’ll start tracking my progress here like ariariari does (I still say that aria-riari btw). I am switching back to grammar-in-context cards (sentence cards) because I feel like I get them better that way (although whether or not I recognize it in ‘the wild’ is up for debate, but either way, better understanding is a benefit).

I was going to ask if you were still torturing yourself with Hagane :wink: I need to find something to get me re-motivated. Not sure what it’ll be yet.

Just a friendly reminder that a while ago you were really trying to keep anki secondary to your immersion. I’d hate for anki to get in your way of enjoying your reading. Perhaps there’s a way to continue without waiting for around for anki…?

I sort of took a page out of your book lately and I’m limiting my anki vocabulary. I’m still keeping my old anki decks but I’m not adding any new vocab cards. Instead, I made a subs2srs deck and glossed each card so I have definitions on the back. That way I don’t have to look up anything. It ends up being like one of those intro to japanese literature books. If a word is frequently used in the series, I naturally end up learning the word from context and looking at the gloss. And I purposely pass every card so I don’t see each card more than a few times so I can keep moving along with the series. I’m not sure I’ll ever go back to vocab cards.

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Hi everyone!

It’s so nice to see all my old friends here :slight_smile:

I have some maybe bad news. I got super busy, and stopped studying for a while. Then I realized that since I had just created this thread, I really couldn’t go to 0!

So now I do all my kanji cards every day, but set my vocab reviews to just 50. I now have a backlog of 182 cards, because doing 50 reviews a day is just not enough for the number of cards I have.

I also watched FMA #7 yesterday. I just watched it with subs, though. So the practice wasn’t as good as if I had watched it again without subs. But c’est la vie. I’m just busy with other stuff now!


Hey, even a little bit of practice is better than none, right? It’s better to do something and maybe learn slightly less from it but enjoy it than it is to do something you ‘could’ learn more from but hate it.


Finally took the plunge and tackled my first chapter of よつばと! yesterday. Had to stop and look up a bunch of vocab (of course) but was pleasantly surprised at my ability to follow what was going on. Seems to be right up my alley, so I’m looking forward to reading more.

Also eager to see what else I can tackle. My friends have been bugging me to check out My Hero Academia (They’ve seen the subbed version and want someone new to gush to)

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Howdy all. It’s been ages since I posted. I started digging in to classical guitar (my other hobby) and Japanese just fell to the wayside.

For my bilingual toastmasters I just gave a speech on the value of extensive reading. I quoted a Krashen study that saw a 0.5 point increase in TOEIC score per hour spent ER. (Self-Selected Reading and TOEIC Performance: Evidence from Case Histories by Beniko Mason and Stephen Krashen. )

I think I’m done with Anki - I haven’t done a single review in months, and don’t plan to do so again. But giving that speech (in English) got me thinking that maybe just doing ER for a while might be both fun and useful.

The thing to realize about ER, which I only really came to appreciate as a result of research for my speech, is that it’s really not a free ride. I think that in the study I quoted people read about 261 hours over 70 weeks. So that’s about 4 hours of reading a week. That doesn’t “just happen”, especially over a long period of time and in a foreign language. You have to work at it.

I don’t know if I have that in me, but I do know that I’ve been watching too much Netflix lately. So maybe doing less of that and instead making a concerted effort to get through the first few issues of full metal alchemist, or doing some NHK Easy over the weekend, would be time well spent.

I hope all my old Japanese language studying internet friends are doing well! :smiley:


Welcome back!! I hope we get to see more of you around the forum :smile:

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Mmm, that 4-hours-a-week statistic is pretty tough when you think about it that way. What I found in my ‘read 50 books in a year’ year was that I had to:

  • form a habit of when I was going to put in the time (while I was eating lunch, and in bed before going to sleep was what worked for me)
  • try to at least read a bit every day, even if it was just a quick 5 pages
  • be serious about catching up after days when I’d skipped on the reading or slacked off
  • keep records of progress, for motivation and to track against the pace I was trying to set

I seem to have completely fallen off the wagon this year, though – only finished one book in the whole year…


Reading books seems to have gotten tougher for me lately too. I’m not quite sure why. I’m working my way through ゼロ、ハチ、ゼロ、ナナ, but I feel like I’m making glacial progress (21% in about a week). I’m mainly reading at night in bed, which means I get about 30 minutes in before I conk out.

On the positive side, it really helps me fall asleep :smile: But I’m wondering if I should make more time for it during the day when I’m more alert.

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That’s a good point. It’s definitely an unusual way to think about it. Before reading the article I had never thought of language study in terms of hours / week, and then spread out over a year.

A nice thing for me is that I regularly do have some free time on the weekends. So while I might not be able to get up to 4 hours, I probably can get at least 1-2 hours in. And that study does make me confident that, over the course of a year, it would probably help me.

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