1Deannab Study Log

I think this will be a good way for me to track my progress throughout the new year. Hopefully I will be able to do biweekly updates, but we shall see.

I started learning Japanese June 2020 in quarantine. I just graduated from college and didn’t have a job, so it was a good time to study. I felt that I was progressing pretty quickly, but after I got a job I started studying less and less. I am hoping to make a consistent schedule in the new year.

Currently studying with…

  • Genki 2
  • Remembering the kanji
  • Anki
  • NHK easy
  • yostuba

Study Goals for Jan 2022

  • Finish the first 2 volumes of yotsuba
  • Review anki Mon-Fri
  • 150 RTK kanji
  • Complete genki 2

Some of my favorite YouTube channels/ podcast for listening are:
-Comprehensible Japanese
-Benjiro - Beginner Japanese
-Ako Nihongo Lessons
-Let’s learn Japanese from small talk podcast


Welcome to the forum, @1Deannab ! I found keeping a log here to be extremely helpful so I hope it helps you, too.